Welcome to the Roblin Park Winter Carnival Hockey Tournament 

Links to the 2020 5/6 and 7/8 schedules are below.

Tournament Information

All games will be played at the Roblin Park Community Centre located at 640 Pepperloaf Crescent in Charleswood. 

To alleviate dressing room congestion, please have players arrive fully dressed (besides skates).   Please vacate the dressing rooms as soon as possible to allow the next team adequate time to get ready for the next game. Please have only one parent or guardian with your hockey player in the dressing room.

Player packages will be distributed to the coaches at the first game. The kitchen and canteen are located in  the main clubhouse. 

The 5/6 year old teams will play on the rink located on the north side of the club (Rink 3). The dressing rooms for that rink are just past the rink to the west (towards toboggan slides). There will be 2 cross ice games at a time on Rink 3 and are listed as North (N) and South (S) games. The 5/6 players also use the “Pond” for games. A “Classic” rink with a special change room in the “Ice Man” room.

The 5/6 year old teams play for fun and no score is kept.  Games will be 2-24 minute periods with running time.  Shifts will be 2 minutes in length.  Hockey Manitoba / Canada format with A / B / C lines.

The 7/8 year old teams will play on either Rink 1 or Rink 2.  Rink 1 is located closest to the south parking lot. The dressing rooms are located between those two rinks. Both rinks are labelled. 

For the 7/8 teams, scores will be kept. Teams play in their pools for the round robin portion of the tournament. On the weekend, consolation and playoff games are planned (weather permitting). 

Games will start at the time listed on the schedule with no delay due to late arrivals. The results of the 7/8 Division will be posted in the dressing room clubhouse and in the main clubhouse. The 7/8 teams will play half ice as in league play. Games will consist of 2 -24 minute periods with running time. Shifts will be 2 minutes in length. There will be shooting and passing and stickhandling activities in the developmental zone and this will be monitored and supervised by Roblin Park volunteers.  Home team is responsible for time and visitors for monitoring / patrolling center ice / developmental zone line. (keeping pucks in)  

Games will be cancelled if the temperature is colder than -25 Celsius, or the windchill factor exceeds -28 Celsius two hours prior to game time.

We will try to email teams prior to that two hour period. 
The 5/6 section of the tournament has 3 games for each team.
The 7/8 division has each team playing 3 round robin games within their pool. They are also guaranteed a weekend game, be it consolation or playoff. 

Efforts will be made to make-up games that may be cancelled due to cold weather. If that is not possible games that may be cancelled due to cold weather will be recorded as a 0-0 tie and not made up. 

Contact for the Roblin Park Hockey tournament is Derek Sokalski Text: 204-805-3982 or email dereksokalski12@yahoo.com.

The players, coaches, managers and families are also invited to participate in the various activities throughout the week. The events are posted in the main clubhouse, on our website here.

5/6 Division

Download a printable 2020 schedule here.


7/8 Division

Download a printable 2020 schedule here.