Rob/West Fall Classic

2016 Final Results

Champions - Macdonald Lightning 
Finalists - Tuxedo Lightning

Champions - Varsity View Falcons
Finalists - Phoenix Flames

Champions - St. James Wildcats
Finalists - SJR Eagles

Champions - River East Royals Grey
Finalists - Transcona Regents

Champions - Bronx Park Champs
Finalists - Stonewall Blues White

Champions - MacDonald Lightning
Finalists - Westdale Warriors

Champions - Transcona Regents
Finalists - Varsity View Falcons

Champions - Tuxedo Lightning
Finalists - Fort Garry North White

Champions - Stonewall Blues
Finalists - MacDonald Lightning

Champions - Lorette Comets
Finalists - Macdonald Lightning

Champions - St. Vital Chill
Finalists - Winnipeg Storm

October 8-21, 2016

This year's tournament ran from October 8-21, 2016. A special thank-you to all the volunteers who helped make it another successful tournament. We've posted the winners and finalists of all divisions below.

Rob/West Digger Award winners enjoyed the Charleswood Hawks game on November 4 at Eric Coy Arena.

The players joined the Hawks for a group photo at the game.

QWho is Rob West? 

A. There is no Rob West, at least not in the context of the Rob/West hockey tournament. The moniker "Rob/West" is a conjunct of "Roblin Park" and "Westdale", the two Charleswood community clubs who originated the tournament back in 1994. After a few years, Roblin Park took on the entire organization of the hockey tournament. Circa 2005, the Charleswood Hawks partnered with Roblin Park to co-host and expand the tournament. The name "Rob/West" has endured though, and the tournament is now the de facto "pre-season" for minor hockey teams in the Winnipeg area.